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Specialized Recruiting Areas

Mid-senior level talent in IT/Engineering and Finance and bilingual talent

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • CPAs/Accountants
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Translators/Interpreters
  • Office Staff
  • Other Professionals
  • Bilingual Talent (English/Chinese)

Recruiting independent contractors in the following areas:

IT, Translation, Interpreting, Editing, Finance, Tax, Accounting, Graphic Design

Contingency Recruiting

Find the right talent for the right job and save your precious time!

The values I can add to my recruiting service are my broad experiences in IT & Finance industries working as an electronics engineer, software engineer, system administrator, IT consultant, project manager, financial & tax professional, HR manager, recruiter, CFO, business owner of an engineering corporation, a financial business and a translation company, and

My Expertise in Recruiting:

• Finding talent who are not active in the job market as well as active job seekers
• Proven success in recruiting talent for large and small companies
• Natural communicator in English and Chinese with no culture or age barriers
• Extensive psychology knowledge and excellent interviewing and assessment skills
• Sharp sense of identifying personalities and potentials, business needs and solutions
• Parse the technical nuances in IT, engineering & finance job requirements
• Excellent analytical and research skills to find the right talent for the right job

My Background & Education:

• Proactive entrepreneur with excellent work ethic
• Co-found an engineering company and built other businesses from ground up
• Six years of start-up experience in all aspects of business operation and management
• Broad experiences in IT, engineering, finance, HR, translation, Web marketing (SEO)

• Master's degree in EE from Tsinghua University, a top school in China
• College education in business and finance in USA
• Rich cultural experience in China, Singapore & USA
• Licensed in tax service (federal) and health & life insurance (California)

My niche in recruiting bilingual talent in Engineering & Management: 

  • I'm a member of Tsinghua Alumni -  the largest bilingual (English/Chinese) engineering and management talent group in the US and China from a top university in China

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