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Independent Recruiter|Translation Company Owner

A Proactive Entrepreneur and Natural Communicator

Michelle You, Legal Chinese Translator, Technical Chinese Translator, Business Chinese Translator, Financial Chinese Translator, Marketing Chinese Translator, Website Localization, English Chinese Translator

Michelle You is specialized in recruiting mid-senior level management, executives, skilled professionals and bilingual talent in IT, engineering and finance for companies of all sizes. She helps growing businesses in San Francisco Bay Area find the right people for the right jobs in the cost effective way. She is also recruiting experienced professional English Chinese translators and interpreters for her own translation company and providing high quality language services for international companies in the world.

Michelle You graduated with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University, the best engineering universities in China. She has worked as an IT consultant/engineer and Project manager on Web based projects for over 6 years in China, Singapore and USA.

She ventured into financial industry in 2004 and started her own businesses (one in engineering, another in tax and business) and became an entrepreneur and a financial professional in business management, finance (accounting, tax, insurance & investment), legal (business & tax law, government regulations), English Chinese translation and Web marketing, personnel recruiting, startup and new business consulting.

She has lived in San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA for about 14 years.


Independent Recruiting

Translation Company

  • She is leading a lean and strong team of freelance translators and interpreters
  • Specialized in technical, legal, business, finance, medical, literal and other areas
  • Provide high quality translation, editing, interpreting, Web marketing services

Services through partnership


  • Enrolled Agent (Federal Licensed Tax Professional)
  • Life and Health Insurance in California
  • Notary Public in California


  • Reading, Writing, Psychology, Photography, Singing, Dancing, Healthy Cooking, Chinese Medicine and Workout
  • Making friends and being a happy Mom Happy Mom

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